Trek 6: Crooked River Run

Start - The General Store

Head North on the Great Alpine Road heading towards Harrietville and Bright. There are numerous lookouts along the way. (Toilets inside the 24H Transit Lounge - Mt Hotham Resort Management Office).

9.7 km - Dargo High Plains Road on Left

Turn left onto Dargo High Plains Road.

17.6 km - King Spur Track on Left

Turn left onto King Spur Track, keep left through clearing and travel 200 m to Lankey Plain Hut. When you are ready return to Dargo High Plains Road & turn right.

10.1 km - Gows Hotel Site (ruins) on Left

Parking on the left, explore the area.

250 m - Little Woman's Grave on Left

Parking on left, explore the area. Ritchie Road on right, stay on Dargo High Plains Road.

11.1 km - Twelve Mile Creek Campsite on Left

Picnic area on left.(Picnic area with table and fire pit)

5.7 k m - Clark Camp Road on Left

Treasures Mt Ewen Hut down on right, cattle holding yards on left.

8.5 km - McMillan Road on Right

Turn right onto McMillan Road.

3.9 km - Grant Cemetery on Right

Park where safe and explore the historic cemetery. When you are ready, continue on McMillan Road.

1.3 km - Grant Track on Right

Turn right onto Grant Track.

600 m - Grant Historical Area Information

Explore the area. When you are ready, return to McMillan Road and turn right.

4.5 km - Bulltown Spur Track on Right

Turn right onto Bulltown Spur Track.

3.0 km - Crooked River Crossing

Follow Crooked River Track. CAUTION – ALWAYS check water crossings for depth, flow and obstacles before proceeding. If you are unsure, then turn around.

8.5 km - Talbotville Camping Area

Explore the area. (Picnic area with tables, fire pits and toilets)When you are ready continue to the other end of the camping area and cross the Crooked River. Turn left after crossing the river onto the Crooked River Track.

2.8 km - Racecourse Track Junction

Keep left on Crooked River Track.

100 m - Collingwood Spur Track on Left

Stay on Crooked River Track.

11.4 km - Wonnangatta Road Intersection

Kingswell Bridge on right, turn onto Wonnangatta Road heading towards Dargo. (Photo opportunity)

7.9 km - Black Snake Creek Camping Area

Stay on Wonnangatta Road.(Picnic area with fire pit and toilets)

11.5 km - Shortcut Road on Left

Turn left onto Shortcut Road.

2.1 km - Dargo Road Intersection

CAUTION – Ensure your vehicle has its highway mode of operation selected. Turn left onto Dargo Road.

300 m - Exhibition Battery on Left

Turn left to explore this historical display.

5.7 km - Dargo Township

Explore the area. When you are ready follow Dargo High Plains Road and travel towards Mt Hotham. (Fuel, food, shop and toilets)

70 km - Great Alpine Road Intersection

Turn right to return to Mt Hotham. OPTION – Turn left to Harrietville (19 km) and Bright (45 km)

9.7 km - The General Store Mt Hotham

This is the end of this journey!